Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I go here. I'm glad people are still using this site lol

Just a little bit update that I have moved temporarily to Osaka for study :DD I finally achieved my dream of going here... I'm so happy :'D I've only been here for a couple of months though

...and I already splurged a lot bit on fandom things orz WHY ARE ANIME GOODS SO EXPENSIVE

Oh I've also fallen to Tales of the Abyss fandom like from April? I don't know what happened, next thing I know I was crying over Asch and Luke and still ongoing orz Are there any tales fans here? Please talk aschluke to me
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Uh, it's been a looong time since I posted here. I lurk once in a while though xD I hope everyone is fine.

I'm active on tumblr now yeah so much for trying to not make an account and mostly in Kuroko no Basket and Shingeki no Kyojin fandom. I also translate some things, mostly pixiv short comics especially about AkaKuro pairing :3

I still keep an eye on Saiyuki there too, but I'm not actively blogging it =v= Heard there's going to be a new Saiyuki Musical! Can't wait!

If there's anyone who is interested on KnB (and maybe akakuro) you can check my tumblr out~

Nicopri Gakuen #01
This is long overdue but well..
Illustration by Umeharu

An amateur drama CD that I received 4 months ago xD If you’re familiar with nico nico douga, especially utaite, or even a fan of aho no sakata and inocchi and senra and mihanii and hosaka and chage and shima and kiriya, but I think that’s just me, you may want to consider this CD. And of course, an understanding of Japanese language is necessary.
nicopri chibis
Lookie that cute chibis hngggggggh

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This show is so good I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll just have to mention that Gen Urobuchi is the script writer. Madoka, anyone? And for the eyes, animation taken care by I.G, and character design by Akira Amano of KHR.
Nice for eyes and blows your mind, really.

I don't think my mini review will do it justice, but I want to write it nonetheless.

At first glance, this anime looks like a typical western detective show, only that it's in the future and there's a system that guides them all. Sybil. This thing tells you what job you should take, what kind of things you should buy, even determining whether you are a danger for the society or not. The detectives in this story relies on Sybil's judgement to measure one's 'crime potential'. The crimes here starts pretty general, like a man going mad just because he was afraid that he'll be captured, then it progressed to a more sick ones that I just can't explain here. But then as the story goes, there's some suspected flaw to this system.

I'm trying too hard on not to spoil anything and it sounds boring instead *laughs* I'm so sorry orz

What I'm trying to say is, this anime is amazing and everyone should watch it. There's not that much detective searching-for-evidence I realized, but instead there's a lot of moral thinking and everything that makes your head hurts xD Highly recommended.

6 more episode until the probable tragic, full of feels, end

Of perfect waifu and pervert shota
I don't know how I manage to still watch some anime in between college life. Wait, last time I checked my studies are failing....

This time I'm going to talk about two pretty popular anime.

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I was looking for the pic of GACKT wearing the Basara costume for the new Sengoku Basara TV show when I saw him. Shina Taizo. In a possibly will be popular TV show. Oh. My. God. Congratulations ;_;

[teh pics]

I know he originally plays as Mori Ranmaru on the musical as well. But I didn't think he'll be used as TV show cast. I didn't even think there will be a TV show xD

[and just because I was looking for GACKT's pic...]


Rurouni Kenshin Live Action!
Heya! It's been awhile. Still waiting for the new chapter of Saiyuki Reload Blast and have been busy with college and stalking XD. And then I saw this

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My childhood!! WKTK

ranting just for the sake of it
Oh wow, I haven't posted in a while, haven't I? Life has been a bit uneventful. I've been busy with college, or rather because of the class schedule. From 10 a.m till 6 p.m, from Monday to Thursday. And it takes about 1 hour from my house to the university. Reaches home, sprawls pathetically on the carpet. Luckily one of my practicums doesn't start until next week. Not to mention I had no class on Fridays, so YAY.

Now let's move to more important other things

I'm happy there's still fics and other things running about on Saiyuki fandom. And I heard Minekura-sensei is getting better as well! We need to throw a party for this xD Wild Adapter finally gets its deserved move to Ichijinsha, about damn time. Saiyuki Gaiden OVA will release the last episode around November, I think.

Speaking of Gaiden, I haven't push myself to listen to the last drama CD yet. I'm still planning on locking myself on my room and drown in the tragedy known as reading Gaiden while listening to its drama CD. Yesssss

And then there's Durarara!! Wow, I never expected myself to be hyped from this series xD Volume 9 was mind blowing. Narita is a genius *_* The thing that bothered me the most is my love for Shizaya, though. WHY MUST I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS PAIRING? I love Shizuo to bits but Izaya is aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh I don't even know anymore. My vacant time is now wasted with reading their fics.

....I suppose I don't really regret it xD

Ao no Exorcist starts off reaaally good. But now it has strayed from the manga path, and I'm like "okay, LOOK AT THE PLOT RUSH YOU ANIME STAFF WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN THE CHARACTERIZATION" I mean, Yukio looks kinda pathetic. Rin's control over his flames is freaking rushed. The sudden appearence of Okumura twins' grandfather is disturbing. The reaction from Suguro and co after knowing that Rin is Satan's son is half-assed, first they went "HE'S THE SON OF SATAN!" to "He's the son of satan, oh, okay, whatever" in a matter of 2 episodes or so.

The most important thing is of course the Kyoto arc. THAT AWESOME ARC IS NOT ANIMATED (yet, I hope). But many important things happen on that arc. Rin haven't even controlled his flame yet!

..Oh, well. That's anime industry for you.

If Ao no Exorcist goes to fast, Blood+c goes too slow. 5 episodes and I think I'm dropping it. Sure there's action and blood everywhere. But the characters' interactions. Oh God, I just can't stand it. The supposedly cute dialogues just became the minus point. And they don't even sound cute. Typical CLAMP, there's many staring-off-into-space scene, but here there's just too much. Blood+ is better in my opinion -_-

Oh, remind me to not watch No.6. I don't know, I just, no. Don't tempt me please. too much perverted thoughts already

why am I fangirling about this

New update by Shina Taizo. It seems that he went traveling with some cast from Saiyuki Kagekiden. Suzuki Hiroki is theeerreee asdlkjasd...

Only to come back to Tokyo because of the weather XDDD

So they sat near the window, looking at the pouring storm, and Shina's mind orchestrate this convo:

Goku: Hey, Sanzoo~ Isn't this impossible? (because of the weather)
Sanzo: Maybe we should go back...

XDD I love you Shina ♥

I'm currently distracted by these useless chibis. But they're cute so hey :D
Soo, basically it's a mascot that wanders around your desktop and even climb browser windows. You can pick it up and throw it around xDDD
The most important fact is, of course, they multiply like shimeji mushrooms xD

Some shimejis that are on my computer:


more shimejis screenshotCollapse )

If only someone could make Saiyuki shimeji. I want to throw chibi Sanzo lolol


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